Big Jobs - No Trouble

We're used to getting big orders, and getting them out on time. We make the same considerations for truckloads of shirts that we do for smaller orders - always on time and looking great.


Family Owned

This business has stayed privately owned and operated by our family for a long time. Printing shirts is natural to us and remains the cornerstone of our platform.


Customer Service.

We're dedicated to efficient, reliable customer service. Contact us for queries about your order. +1 (519) 752 6545


Our History.

We've been doing this a long time - more than 25 years. We're fully capable of getting your order out on time and they way you want it, the first time. Order with confidence, order with Fab Print.


Print. Ship. Repeat.

Our process is highly refined and easy to reproduce. Multiple orders of the same item will arrive to you looking the way you ordered the first time.

Fab Print

Quality, Customer Service and Affordable Pricing.

We’re located in Brantford, Ontario. Central to many major cities, we’re available during regular business hours to inquire about orders. Once we’re done with your quote, our graphic designers will get to work on your design. When it’s been approved by you, the staff in the warehouse will start the printing process. Depending on the size of your order, we’ll then take to boxing up your product and loading it onto the truck. After some travel, your order will be right there in front of you, exactly the way you imagined it. Contact us to start the quoting process today!

Our warehouse is home to sophisticated automatic printing machines that are maintained by human hands. This way, we meet your time line with a constant eye out for keeping the quality we’re known for, under control. Our staff is highly capable of completing jobs on tight time restraints while maintaining the standard we’re known for. Our quoting process is meant to be simple and speedy. Keeping your budget in mind, we’re dedicated to getting your project on the road and looking good. Get in touch and you’ll see; we’ll fit your need, budget and schedule to a ‘T’.

Fab Print has been in business since 1982. We’ve got enough experience to know what goes into good business practises. Ask around – our name is worn on the chest of thousands of post-secondary students, contractors, team-members and more. Our objective to provide a quality product to you, so you can deliver a unique and expressive product to your customers. We specialize in custom screen printing and embroidery. Our staff is available to help you design your product and finish the job by producing a quality print on high-test fabric.